USB Drive

One of the fastest method, for getting up and running with BlackBuntu Linux is to run it “live” from a USB drive. Creating a bootable BlackBuntu USB drive is very simple, especially from Ubuntu/Debian or other derivate systems.

Step 1 - What You'll Need

Before to proceed further, the first thing you need to do is to grab the BlackBuntu ISO image. All the available BlackBuntu ISO images version can be found in our official download page.

If you’re Windows user, There are several tools allowing you to create a bootable USB drive. We recommend Etcher as it's the easiest to use. However Rufus is a good alternative offering more advanced options.

Step 2 - Create the Bootable USB drive

Plug your USB drive into an available USB port on your Windows PC, note which drive designator (e.g. "F:\") it uses once it detected and mounted. Launch Etcher. Click Flash from file, and locate the blackbuntu-22.04.1-lts-amd64.iso ISO image file.


Click Select target and choose the USB drive you want to make bootable.


Click the Flash! button once ready (You may get a UAC prompt asking for administrator privileges that you will need to accept).


As soon as the operation is finished, you can then disconnect your USB drive and use it.


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